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Print On Demand with AI

PrintJourney leverages the latest AI to revolutionize print on demand selling through intelligent design creation, one-click publishing, and smart automation.

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The Power of AI Meets the Potential of You

With intelligent design creation, one-click publishing, built-in automation, custom templates, and seamless MidJourney integration, PrintJourney provides everything you need to streamline your print-on-demand workflow and unlock your earning potential.

Features 01
Meet your new POD design assistant

AI Powered Design Creation

Instantly generate optimized print ready designs with just a few clicks. Our AI engine creates, so you can create faster.

  • Create designs with AI models like DALL-E and Stable Diffusion
  • AI Upscaling and Background Removal
  • Upload Your Own Designs
  • Store all your designs in an organized library
  • Free unlimited storage for all your art
Features 02
Print-ready products with a single click

Effortless Product Publishing

Our intelligent platform allows you to publish your designs to a range of print-on-demand products in just one click.

  • One-click publishing to Printify’s network of over 800 products
  • Create ready-to-sell listings on Shopify, Etsy, and more
  • Auto-generated SEO optimized titles and descriptions
  • Bulk publishing options to launch multiple products fast
Features 03
Customizable templates for your products

Reusable Product Templates

Create customizable templates to instantly apply your designs across multiple products.

  • Build product templates for shirts, mugs, cases etc.
  • Create collections of templates for easy publishing
  • Adjust sizing, colors and design placements
  • Templates save time setting up new products
  • Manage all templates from one interface
Features 02
Unleash your creativity with Midjourney integration

Deep Integration with Midjourney

Instantly turn your MidJourney AI art into sellable merch right from Discord.

  • Directly access MidJourney designs from Discord
  • Seamlessly upload generative art to PrintJourney
  • Publish products from within Discord
  • Sell your AI-generated art as merch on various platforms

Harness the Power of AI with PrintJourney

Dive into the future of print on demand with PrintJourney's array of AI models and tools, designed to streamline your creative process, enhance your marketing, and boost your sales effortlessly.

AI Image Generation

Multiple AI models craft stunning, unique images tailored to your brand.

Brainstorm Assistant

Generate innovative design concepts with our AI brainstorming companion.

Bulk Publishing

Deploy entire collections with ease using our bulk publishing functionality.

Midjourney Integration

Integrate with Midjourney tools for streamlined design-to-market processes.

AI SEO Optimization

Automatically enhance your product listings for search engines with AI-driven SEO optimization.

Resize & Enhance

Elevate image quality with smart resizing and AI-powered upscaling for crystal-clear prints.

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