Automate Print on Demand with AI.

Streamline your workflow, maximize profits, and scale your business with PrintJourney's AI powered tools.

Faster Creation
Cost Reduction
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The Future of Print on Demand is Here

PrintJourney's AI powered tools are designed to help you create, automate, and grow your print on demand business like never before.

Streamlined Design

AI tools that make it easy for you to generate high quality designs in a fraction of the time.

Automated Product Publishing

PrintJourney seamlessly integrates with Printify, allowing you to publish products with just a few clicks.

Scalable Growth

Whether you're just starting or looking to scale your operation, PrintJourney provides the tools and resources you need to succeed.

Streamline Your Creative Process

The Easiest AI Print on Demand Workflow

Explore a suite of features designed to elevate your print on demand business.

AI Design Generation
Product Metadata Generation
AI Upscale/Resize
Bulk Publishing
850+ Products
Printify Integration
MidJourney Integration
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" I started PrintJourney because I believe great ideas deserve an easy way to hit the market. With our AI, even if you're not a tech whiz, you can create amazing products and earn money in your sleep—making the dream of a hassle-free online shop real for everyone."
— Mark - Founder
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Meet Your New Print on Demand AI Workflow

Discover the Tools That Make Selling Simple

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Turn Ideas into Art

Unleash infinite creativity with our AI Design Generation. Just type in your idea and our intuitive AI will craft a spread of stunning designs. No matter the niche, our tech adapts to your style and brings forth visuals that captivate and convert.

Start Designing Now

Tailored Solutions for Every Creator

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Creatives at Every Level

. For Beginners

PrintJourney simplifies the launch and diversification of your POD brand with rapid design generation. Experience the freedom of creating countless designs with our intuitive AI tools.

. Scaling Sellers

Elevate your existing POD business by automating design and administrative tasks with PrintJourney. Focus on scaling your product line and tapping into new markets while we handle the complexities.

. Integrators

Add POD to your eCommerce strategy effortlessly with PrintJourney's seamless integrations. Expand your product offerings without bulking up on operations, maintaining a sleek business model.

Fresh Perspectives in Print on Demand

Start Creating with 100 Free Credits

Unlock your first designs on us. Sign up today and get 100 credits to experiment, design, and sell — no strings attached.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Is PrintJourney a print on demand provider?

    No, PrintJourney is not a print-on-demand provider. We are an automation company that specializes in streamlining workflows for users of platforms like Printify, Etsy, and Shopify, making the process of designing, listing, and selling print-on-demand products incredibly efficient and user-friendly.

  • Can I Sell AI Generated Art?

    Yes, you can sell AI-generated art with PrintJourney, as long as you ensure it complies with commercial use standards. PrintJourney's AI models are licensed for commercial use, so you can confidently create and sell innovative AI art while adhering to legal requirements. Just be cautious to respect copyrights and not use any protected material without permission in your AI-generated designs.

  • Is a MidJourney Subscription included with PrintJourney?

    No, a MidJourney subscription is not included with PrintJourney. PrintJourney offers powerful AI tools and automated workflows to enhance your use of print-on-demand services. However, any third-party tools or services, such as MidJourney, would require their own separate subscription.

  • Will using PrintJourney's Discord Bot violate MidJourney's TOS?

    Using PrintJourney's Discord bot will not violate MidJourney's Terms of Service as long as you adhere to MidJourney's usage guidelines. PrintJourney's bot is designed to complement your workflow within the rules of Discord and connected services. Always ensure you're following the TOS of any platform or service you're using alongside PrintJourney.

  • How does the free trial work?

    You can trial PrintJourney by signing up, no credit card required. You can earn up to 100 credits by integrating your Printify account and completing tasks to learn about different features within the platform.

  • What print-on-demand products can I sell with PrintJourney?

    Product offerings will vary depending on your print-on-demand provider. PrintJourney is compatible with Printify, so you can sell a wide range of products, including apparel, accessories, home decor, and more.

  • Will you be adding support for more Print on Demand providers?

    Yes! But by request. If you'd like to see support for a specific print-on-demand provider, please contact us. The more people that ask for support the sooner we'll add it!

  • How do you handle upscaling and resizing my designs?

    We upscale to ensure your product is as close to 300DPI as possible. Designs are resized to fit 1x the scale of your product and placeholder.

  • Can I upload my own designs?

    Yes! Many of our users prefer to design by hand and leave the automation and publishing to us. You can upload your own designs and we'll handle the rest.