The Catalog page is the heart of your product creation process within PrintJourney, offering you the tools to craft and curate your print-on-demand assortment with precision and ease. This central hub is where your designs come to life as market ready products. Let's dive into the features of the Catalog page—Templates, Collections, and the 'Create a Template' modal.

Templates: Your Blueprint for Success

Templates are more than just patterns; they are the blueprints that drive the production of your unique products. With our template tools, you can:

  • Create Efficiently: Quickly generate new templates tailored to various products with precision.
  • Organize Seamlessly: Sort your templates by date, profitability, or custom parameters.
  • Update Instantly: Modify templates to keep up with trends, ensuring your products remain fresh and relevant.

Collections: Curate with Creativity

Curating your products into collections allows you to bulk publish, growing your product offering FAST!

  • Thematic Groupings: Assemble your products into collections that resonate with your audience, be it seasonal offerings or lifestyle themes.
  • Flexible Management: Easily modify collections by renaming or adjusting their compositions to maintain alignment with your creative direction.
  • Strategic Promotion: Utilize collections to drive targeted marketing campaigns, emphasizing the narrative that underpins your brand.

'Create a Template': Your Pathway to Productivity

The 'Create a Template' modal is your toolkit to produce new templates — the starting point for any product you envision.

  • Intuitive Design: We've laid out the template creation process in logical, user-friendly steps, ensuring a smooth flow from concept to creation.
  • Advanced Customization: Cater to niche markets by selecting specific product manufacturers, materials, variants, and print locations.
  • Automation Features: Streamline your operation with smart settings like including shipping costs in product prices or rounding to the nearest 99 cents.

Embark on your PrintJourney with a robust catalog that simplifies complexity into a seamless creative endeavor. The Catalog section is not just where products are managed—it's where they're born, nurtured, and launched to captivate the world. Let's get started on organizing your templates and collections to maximize your print-on-demand business's potential.

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