Creating Templates

Templates are the cornerstone of your print-on-demand product lineup in PrintJourney — they are the structured outlines that turn abstract designs into tangible merchandise. Creating templates in PrintJourney is a straightforward process designed to help you efficiently produce consistent and high-quality products. Let's walk through each step of the template creation journey, giving particular attention to our robust automation options that can help you scale your business with ease.

Step 1: Select a Store

Start by choosing the store you intend to work with. Each store you have connected to PrintJourney corresponds to a specific destination for your finished products.

  • Store Associations: Connect templates with specific print providers like Printify or Printful linked to your online store.

PrintJourney Create Template Provider

Step 2: Choose a Product

With your store selected, you can now choose the product you wish to create a template for.

  • Catalog Access: Browse through a vast range of products provided by your print providers, ranging from apparel to home decorations.
  • Product Preview: View mock-ups of different products to help you decide which could best embody your design.

PrintJourney Create Template Product

Step 3: Pick a Manufacturer

Determine who will manufacture your products. Different manufacturers offer varying materials, costs, and delivery times.

  • Manufacturer Details: Get insights into each manufacturer's specific offerings to ensure the best fit for your template and your business model.

Limited Manufacturer Information

PrintJourney has limited access to Printify's manufacturer information. While we work on improving this, be sure to check Printify for more manufacturer information.

PrintJourney Create Template Manufacturer

Step 4: Select Product Variants

Not every product comes in a one-size-fits-all format. Customize your template with product variants.

  • Variants Exploration: Choose from color options, sizes, and other variable features to extend the appeal and reach of your product.

Choose similar variants

When creating templates, it's best to choose variants that include the same orientation print placeholders. i.e. Landscape Canvas prints should be grouped together to prevent publishing a design with a portrait orientation.

PrintJourney Create Template Variants

Step 5: Set Design Placement

Decide where on the product your designs will appear.

  • Placeholder Customization: Whether it’s the front, back, sleeve, or all over the product, placement can dramatically affect the appearance and desirability of the final item.

Multiple placeholders

PrintJourney has the ability to print and format multiple placeholders, but be aware that the same image will be used for each placeholder. This may work well for products like Pillows or Makeup bags, but a T-Shirt with the same print on each placeholder, well.. maybe think twice about that.

PrintJourney Create Template Placeholder

Step 6: Harness the Power of Automations

Our automation features are what truly set PrintJourney apart, giving you the tools to not only create but also to optimize and streamline your product offerings.

  • Free Shipping Configuration: Decide whether to include shipping costs in your product's price, an attractive option for many customers.
  • Price Rounding: Choose to have final product prices rounded up to the nearest 99 cents for psychological pricing benefits.
  • Advanced AI Utilization: Opt to use an advanced version of our AI, ensuring your SEO is optimized for maximum traffic.

Free Shipping US Only

When choosing the Free Shipping options, prices are adjusted to accomodate shipping in the US only.

Leverage these automations to reduce manual tasks, increase efficiency, and create an optimal buying experience for your customers.

PrintJourney Create Template Automation

Step 7: Review and Save

Before finalizing your template, take a moment to review all selections and ensure they align with your brand and product goals.

  • Template Name: Choose a template name that describes your template.
  • Profit Margin: Set the desired profit margin for your product.
  • Overview Confirmation: Check product details, design placement, and automation settings.
  • Save and Implement: If satisfied, save your template and start using it to publish products.

PrintJourney Create Template Overview

By following these steps, you can create templates that not only resonate with your target audience but also drive operational efficiency through automation, setting your business up for success. Embrace the capacity to produce at scale and expand your catalog with the confidence that each product maintains the quality and integrity of your brand.